Marilyn Manson

mmI have made a resolution to paint at least one watercolor and one acrylic each month for 2013! Annnnnnd, if I need to substitute one for the other – I will. This way it will guarantee that I have a minimum of 24 paintings this year…thus, more frequent blog posts (with RECENT paintings). I actually watercolored this picture of Marilyn Manson in December of 2012 – so it is my most recent painting. Now, with 2 weeks into January…I need to step up my game and start painting.

I’ve been a fan of Manson since….a long time. Most people don’t really know this about me. I mean, I don’t particularly dress in a fashion that alludes to listening to Antichrist Superstar (unless it is Halloween time). But, I believe he is such a talented individual. Marilyn Manson’s own art work inspires me. Check it out here if you are unfamiliar with it.

So, hopefully I will keep up with my resolution and have some nice work to show for it this year. Get ready for more coming soon. 🙂